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Anup Nayak


  • 1993: Diploma in Electrical Engineering Board of Technical Examinations,
         Govt. of Karnataka, India
    Iowa State University, Ames, IA


  • Course in designing and implementing PLC schemes


  • Power Technical Services: Jan 2005 – Present -- Test Engineer / Lead Engineer
    • Perform engineering and commissioning for new ATC Substations
  • Mod Power Services: Oct 2001 – Jan 2005 -- Lead Test Engineer
    • King mountain South East windmill ranch substation (138kV, 90MVA) Texas, - Commissioning of entire substation equipment (viz. transformers, station aux. circuit breakers etc.) including the protection & control. (Owned by FPL)
    • Power factor correction & single band harmonic filter (Capacitor banks & filter reactors) scheme installation, testing & commissioning at 4, 138kV substations at King Mountain windmill ranch, Midland, Texas. (Owned by FPL)
    • Power Factor Correction equipment testing & commissioning at Nippon Sason, Irving, Dallas,
    • Testing & Commissioning of protection relaying & control scheme and testing of complete substation equipment for a 69kV modular substation for Grand Bahama Power authority, Freeport, Grand Bahama.
    • Testing & commissioning of switchgear & protection relaying for ship care facility, Grand Bahamas
    • Testing & commissioning of entire substation equipment and part of the control & protection-relaying scheme at Walgreens, Toledo (Toledo Edison).
    • Testing & commissioning of protective relays & the entire control scheme for High voltage Modular Substations for Keyspan Electric Utility, Long Island, NY.
    • Testing & commissioning of 69kV, 40MVAr Power Factor Correction equipment including protection relaying & gear at Old Dominion, Virginia.
    • Testing & commissioning of protective relaying & control scheme for 50x2 MVA modular Substation at Georgia Pacific, Big Island, VA.
    • Derived specifications for very special duty transformer for Nstar Inc. Boston.
    • Tested & commissioned the protective relaying & control scheme (including testing of line, transformer, bus diff. Relays etc) for Bristol Myres Squibb / PG&E 69 kV substation that was recently commissioned (Aug-Sep 2003) and is in operation at Hopewell, NJ where BMS has a very sophisticated scientific research center being operated off of this substation.
    • Tested and commissioned step down 138/13.8kV, 70x2 MVA substation equipments and assisted in testing controls & protection for TXU, at South West Medical Center, Dallas.
    • Tested and commissioned step down 115/4.16 kV, 50MVA substation including protection and control for San Isabel Electric, Pueblo, CO
    • Repaired, tested and energized 20 MVA transformer for Grand Bahama Power at their Freeport generating station.
    • Testing of generator protection scheme @ Freeport power company
    • Testing of 76MVAr Capacitor bank & 240MVA transformer bank protection and control @ PG&Es new 264MVAr SVC project in Potrero, CA
  • Crompton Greaves Ltd. India: 1995 – Oct 2001 -- Design and Test Engineer
    • Worked in Electrical Designs department designing up to 220kV, 100MVA units. Performed in house testing of power transformers. Worked in the Service division commissioning transformers & Shunt Reactors (for line capacitive compensation) of various ratings ranging from 50MVA to 350MVA & 16.67MVAR to 80MVAR in the voltage range of 33kV to 440kV. Including installation & commissioning of one of the largest single unit generator duty transformer in India, rated at 360MVA, 23/245kV. Also commissioning & testing of single phase 220MVA generator transformers banked into 660MVA at NTPC, India & 500 MVA bank of inter bus auto transformers.
    • Site commissioning, Installation of various other transformers in the range of 150MVA etc. in countries like USA, Thailand, Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, Malaysia, Oman, Vietnam, Uruguay.
    • Trouble shooting & diagnostics of problems affecting transformers like problem of ferro-resonance at transformers supplied to TEC in India, Over fluxing of inter bus transformer, Diagnosis of Zinc Oxide type gapless surge arrester failures at Nepco, Thailand, Condition monitoring by Gas chromatography of various kinds of transformers, Vibration analysis of Shunt reactor. Failure analysis of transformers owing to extremely high LTC recovery voltages at NTPC, India etc.


  • Associated Member of Institute Of Engineers of India
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