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Electrical Devices & Components

As a normal course of installing substations and upgrading/modifying electrical systems, many components require testing. The following is a brief outline of tests that are commonly performed by PTS on various devices and components.

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Current Transformers (CTs): Ratio, Polarity, Tap-progression, Insulation Resistance, and Saturation.


Potential Transformers (PTs): Ratio, Polarity, and Insulation Resistance.


Power Cables: dc High-Potential tests (plot: Current-vs-Voltage, Current-vs-Time, and Discharge), Shield Continuity, and Insulation Resistance.


Ground Grid: Four-Probe test (plot: Impedance-vs-Distance) to demonstrate earth/soil (ground) resistance.


Circuit Breakers:

     Low Voltage - Trip-Unit (Current Injection), Contact Resistance, and Insulation Resistance.

     Medium Voltage - Trip/Close Ckt, Protective Relay, Contact Resistance, High-Pot, and Insulation Resist.

     High Voltage - Travel Test, Power-Factor (Doble), Contact Resistance, Anti-Pump, Aux Controls, etc.


     Air - Contact alignment, Resistance, Inspections (Main Contacts, Arc Contacts, Arc Chutes), etc.

     Vacuum - Interrupter Integrity, High-Potential, Resistance, Wipe/Swipe/Erosion, etc.

     Gas (SF6) - Aux Controls, Contact Resistance, Power Factor (Doble), Travel/Timing, etc.


Disconnect Switches: Blade Alignment, Contact Resistance, Insulation Resistance, and Op. Mechanism


Power Transformers: Turns-Ratio, Insulation Resistance (and Polarization Index), DC Resistance, Low Voltage Excitation, AC Impedance, LTC checks, Paralleling Circuits, Sudden-Pressure (Rapid-Rise) Relay, Bushing Potential Device, Current Transformers, Alarms, Fans/Pumps/Aux-Power Controls, Temperature/Level Gauges, and Power Factor (Doble) Bushings.



Comprehensive Tests: Comprehensive testing proves certain aspects of multiple device interactions relating to their specific functions. These tests can be very complex and are detailed on their own page; click appropriate navigation button on the left: Switchgear, Control Circuits, and Primary Injection.


 In addition to those listed, PTS has the expertise and capability to perform other (less common) tests, as desired by some customers

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