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Eng. Projects

This list of PTS’ Engineering Projects is not all-inclusive; it illustrates just some of PTS’ capabilities:

12kV Indoor Capacitor Bank Design; at a Utility Transmission-Substation in Chicago, IL:

  • Provide the design of two (plus a future) 9kVAR capacitor banks, inside an existing building.
  • Design includes schematic (single-line and three-line), wiring, layout, and grounding diagrams.
  • Provide project manager to supervise installation and plan daily workforce activity.
  • Design approved by appropriate persons in Commonwealth Edison (ComEd).
  • Project Status: 100% complete.

SCADA Control of Network Relaying; at Various Utility Distribution-Substations around Chicago, IL::

  • During testing of the first site awarded to PTS under this series of SCADA upgrades, PTS discovered a design flaw that was not caught by any other firm in the past.
  • Contracted to design a solution to the problem, which affects several in-service locations.
  • Contracted to install (and test) design change at all applicable locations.
  • Design approved by appropriate persons in Commonwealth Edison (ComEd).
  • Project Status: 90% complete.

Reserve Aux.Pwr Transformer, Relaying Upgrade and Relocation; at a 1000MW Generating Station:

  • Replace and relocate protection package for six reserve auxiliary transformers.
  • Replace several 34kV CTs and several isolation (or aux) CTs.
  • Design includes schematic (1-line & 3-line) and wiring diagrams; annunciator alarm drawings; cable tabulations; and, physical panel layout (front view).
  • Develop/specify relay settings.
  • Specify and prepare RFQ for material and construction-labor.
  • Design approved by appropriate persons in MidWest Generation and Commonwealth Edison
  • Project Status: 95% complete.

Protection & Control of Two 34kV Tie-Lines between a City-Owned Utility and the Surrounding Utility:

  • Upgrade the City-Owned protection and controls to microprocessor-based relaying.
  • Add control logic for new 34kV Bus-Tie and new 12kV Bus-Tie.
  • Include new Transfer-Trip Receiver scheme, breaker failure protection, synchronizing relays, and PTs.
  • Design approved by appropriate persons in HRA-ITG (for City of Geneva) and Commonwealth Edison.
  • Project Status: 100% complete.

Protection & Control Upgrade of an Industrial Substation’s Ties to the Local Utility:

  • Provide plant-owned voltage, current, and control connections to utility-owned protective devices.
  • Connect utility-owned Breaker-Failure trips to plant-owned breakers.
  • Supply plant-owned breaker-status to utility control/failure scheme.
  • Design interlock to prevent tie of utility’s 138kV lines through plant’s 12kV system.
  • Design approved by appropriate persons in Slater Steel, Lemont and Commonwealth Edison
  • Project Status: 100% complete.


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