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Engineering and Consulting

Engineering and Drafting Projects: PTS has completed numerous Engineering and Drafting Projects for various utilities, utility contractors, and industrial facilities. We have also provided review, consulting, and oversight on several electrical design projects.

Several projects are highlighted on the Engineering Projects web-page (click on link below).



Power Studies: PTS has performed several Power Studies for industrial and commercial facilities.

The term “Power Study” applies to a family of separate power-related studies, which may be combined together:

    — Coordination Study - Used to determine proper settings for protective devices (relays, trip-units, etc).

    — Short-Circuit Study - Usually performed as a prerequisite to a Coordination Study or a Device Evaluation.

    — Load Flow - Typically to specify/confirm transformer rating and taps, cable/conductor size, FLA, etc.

    — Harmonic Analysis - Models the interaction between capacitor banks and other devices.

    — Device Evaluation - Compares electrical distribution equipment ratings to the available fault current.



Power Quality Investigations and Load Measurement Surveys: PTS has conducted Load Measurement Surveys for several reasons, including for Power Quality Investigations. Both of these items are described further on the highlights page, click the “Quality & Survey” link.



Relay Settings: A vast number of microprocessor-based protective relay settings have be reviewed and edited by PTS; and, many complex schemes have been designed and issued for various type clients. (Click on link for more details.)



Specification Development: PTS employees have written many test specifications and equipment specifications for various utility and industrial clients. These are used to standardize requirements in RFQs and document requirements to be adhered to by contractors. (A link to PTS highlights will be provided soon.)



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