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Kevin P. Rolley


May, 1990: Master of Science – Electrical Engineering -- Power Systems

     Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology; Terre Haute, Indiana


May, 1989: Bachelor of Science – Electrical Engineering -- Power Systems & Industrial Power

     Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology; Terre Haute, Indiana

  • Courses
    • Control of Power Systems             o Power Electronics
    • Power Systems I & II                   o Network Synthesis
    • Industrial Power Systems             o Energy Conversion
    • Electronic Industrial Drives           o Digital Electronics I, II, & III
    • Computer Languages: BASIC, FORTRAN, and Assembly
  • Graduate-Level Projects
    • Improve the design of electric controls for a (Westinghouse) capacitor switch; mathematical and computer modeling of physical motion driven by electric / magnetic power. Project funded by Westinghouse Electric Corporation.
    • Computer simulation of rotating dc machines; saturation and armature reaction incorporated into model.
    • Plant electrical design and construction (motor loads and locations based on an actual sewage plant); center of load and MCC locations; transformer, cable, breaker, and fuse sizing; fuse and relay coordination; fault studies and load flow calculated and simulated.
    • Wrote computer program to act as educational software for a local elementary school which combined various scenes from a Laserdisc with computer-text to form lesson plans and quizzes.


  • Siemens Energy and Automation, Inc.:
    • Type GM, Medium Voltage Switchgear and M.V. MCCs
    • Type RL, Low Voltage Switchgear and L.V. MCCs
  • Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution:
    • Siemens Protective Relays
  • Commonwealth Edison Co.,  After-Hours Courses:
    • Protective Relaying for Transmission Systems I & II
    • Protective Relaying for Generating Stations I & II
    • High-Speed Relaying for Extra-High Voltage Systems I & II
    • Protective Relaying for Generator Stability


  • Power Technical Services May 2001 – Present
    • Vice President & Sr. Engineer
  • Siemens Westinghouse Technical Services February 1998 – May 2001
    • Sr. Field Service Engineer & Power Systems Engineer
  • Commonwealth Edison Co. June 1990 – February 1998
    • Field Test Engineer
    • Operational Analysis [Testing] Department
      • 5 years – fossil / nuclear generation
      • 2 years - transmission (TAD)



    • Job Scope Evaluation; estimate financial, equipment and manpower requirements
    • Economic Technical Resource Coordination through all phases of project
    • Onsite supervisor/director of day-to-day work activities


    • Substation evaluation; review load requirements and N.E.C. compliance
    • System Design and Equipment Specifications
      • Review/correct existing systems, circuits, and equipment specs
      • Engineer new plant/facility electrical systems
    • Evaluate power factor correction / harmonic filtering
    • Short-Circuit, Coordination, and Device Evaluation Studies
    • Load Measurement Surveys and Power Quality Investigations


    • Preventative and corrective maintenance on electrical equipment
    • Diagnostic testing (troubleshooting) malfunctioning systems and equipment
    • Electrical equipment installation / startup services
    • Protective relay / meter testing and calibration
    • Transformer inspection, testing, repair, and oil reconditioning
    • Revise / create schematic and wiring diagrams


    • Prepare project, consulting, and power system study reports
    • Modify/Correct customer drawings to customer requirements
    • Write engineering portion of job quotes/proposals
    • Submit written report after each applicable testing or service activity
    • Document all test results and/or findings on appropriate data sheets


    Former Member of the Army National Guard (Jan. 1986 - Jan. 1999)

    • Rank:  Captain (CPT, O-3)
    • Highest Job: Company Commander (168 soldiers)

    Registered E.I.T.     (Spring 1990)


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