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Power Studies

Electrical system studies are critical in preventing injury to personnel, minimizing damage to the system components, mitigating electrical-caused fires, and in limiting the extent and duration of service interruptions to the electrical distribution system.

  • Short-circuit, coordination, load-flow, & harmonic studies; and device evaluation:
    • Description, purpose, basis and scope of the study plus a simplified single-line diagram of the portion of the power system which is included within the scope of study.
    • Tabulations of circuit breaker, fuse and other equipment ratings versus calculated short-circuit duties and commentary regarding same.
    • Protective device time versus current coordination curves, tabulations of relay and circuit breaker trip settings, fuse selection and commentary regarding same.
    • Fault-current tabulations including a definition of terms and a guide for interpretation.
    • Tabulation of appropriate tap settings for relay seal-in units.
    • Determine the correct protective device settings so your system properly protected.
    • Ensure interrupting devices will operate without catastrophic failure and that the power distribution equipment will withstand a close-in fault.
    • Generally, ensure the electrical system is properly sized and will respond as expected.


The following are highlights of studies performed by PTS:

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