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Protective Relay Testing

PTS is highly experienced in complex relay testing and in relay repairs & maintenance.

Protective relay testing is an integral part of our business. From commissioning new utility substations and installing new medium-voltage switchgear to maintenance and testing at antiquated electrical facilities, relay maintenance and testing is core to assuring proper protection of the electrical system.

PTS has a relay repair facility adequate for most electro-mechanical relays and some solid-state relay components. Since parts are acquired (and depleted) on a regular basis, contact us for specific requests.

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The following is a partial list of relays that PTS personnel test and commission:


     Schweitzer - SEL Series Relays

     General Electric / Multilin - UR Series & SR Series Relays

     ABB - Transformer Protection and Distance Protection Units (TPU & DPU)

     AREVA / Alstom (GEC) - MiCOM P54x Series Relays and LFCB & LFZR Numerical Relays

     Basler - Breaker Protection Relays (BE1-BPR)

     Siemens - SIPROTEC Series (7UMxxx, 7SJxxx, etc.)



     General Electric - SLD-41, SLD-51, STV, etc.

     ABB (Westinghouse) - 25, 27, 59, 27/59, LCB-II, etc.

     Basler - BE1 Series; -27, -59, -27/59, -25, -51, -81 O/U

     AREVA / Alstom (GEC) - MFAC



     General Electric - BDD, CEB, CEH, CEY, CFD, CFVB, GCX, GCY, GGP, IAC, IAV, ICW, IJC, PJC, PVD, etc.

     ABB (Westinghouse) - CO, CV, HU, IRP, KAB, KC, KD, KDTG, KDXG, SC, SV, TD, etc.


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