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Recent Projects

Commonwealth Edison:

  • Commissioning of protective relay schemes for 138kV buses and transmission lines, Spaulding Substation/Elgin Energy Center.
  • Project Management and Commissioning for SCADA installation at several City of Chicago Substations.
  • Commissioning of two 300MVA transformers, at Lisle and Elmhurst Substations.

MidWest Generation (Will County Station):

  • Design replacement and relocation of protection packages for six Reserve Auxiliary Transformers.
  • Staff augmentation; assist electrical systems management during plant personnel shortage.

Siemens (Technical Services):

  • Commissioning a new 345kV two-ring-bus switchyard at Kendall County Substation.
  • Project Management and Engineering Design of 12 kV Switchgear and Capacitor Bank replacements, Roseland Substation.
  • Utility agent to witness/verify testing at a new IPP generation facility, Nepco, Kendall County.
  • Fault investigation and recovery assistance at CITGO refinery, Lemont, IL.

General Electric:

  • C o m m is si o ni n g of a n e w 1 3 8 k V s w it chyard and interface to two IPP-owned gas turbine generators, River Energy.
  • Testing of six 138kV circuit breakers (SF6), Jefferson Substation.
  • Commissioning of three new 40MVA transformers, protective relaying, and associated Equipment, Plainfield and Crestwood Substations.
  • Commission testing and project managing of a 345kV yard expansion, convert a straight-bus to a ring-bus, Silver Lakes Substation.
  • Commissioning of several protective relay scheme upgrades for various 138kV and 69kV transmission lines, Jefferson Substation.
  • Project management and testing of a fiber relay-communication scheme for several transmission lines, Chicago (ComEd’s) North-West fiber ring.
  • Commissioning of all Protection and Controls at a new 138kV/69kV Transmission Substation (including relay and communication scheme upgrades at several remote sites), DeKoven Substation.


  • Power-Factor (Doble) test new 69kV/138kV equipment in switchyard of Fisk generating station.
  • Relay commissioning and startup services on several ABB projects including: TXU Medical Center (Dallas, TX), Natomas Station (a substation for SMUD in Sacramento, CA), MidAmerican Energies (Des Moines, IA), Hauser Hydro Project (Helena, MT), and SouthWest Electric Coop (Greenville, IL)

University of Illinois:

  • Startup Services and Relay Testing of three (69kV to 12kV) dual-fed Substations; Champaign, IL.
  • Testing and Commissioning 12kV and 4kV switchgear in new CoGen plant; Champaign, IL.
  • Testing and Commissioning 4kV switchgear in new Chilled Water plant; Chicago, IL.

HRA - Industrial Technology Group:

  • Perform protection and control design for City of Geneva, Business Park Substation.

Standby Power Systems:

  • Load Measurement Survey at Lane Technical Institute, Chicago, IL.

Electrical Systems, Inc.:

  • Load evaluation of part of the power distribution system at Ford Motor Company’s, Chicago Assembly Plant.

Montgomery Watson Harza:

  • Maintenance testing of protective relays at St. Kitt’s Electricity Department, St. Kitts, W. Indies.


  • Diagnostic testing of generator problems in a facility at Tuscola, IL.

Clarion Realty:

  • Diagnostic testing of Automatic Transfer Switch problems at the Caremark Towers facility, Northbrook, IL.

Hines Interest:

  • Maintenance Testing of Automatic Transfer Switches at the One Pierce Place facility, Itasca, IL.


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