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Robert C. Jasik


  • Purdue University, Indiana
  • B.S. Electrical Engineering, 1986
  • Graduated with honors


  • Professional Engineer – Electrical, State of California, State of Illinois


    Power Technical Services, Inc.

    President, Sr. Engineer & Project Manager  May 2001 – Present

  • Project Management/Lead Engineer – Job Scope Evaluations; Estimate Financial and Manpower Requirements; On-Site Supervisor / Director of day-to-day work activities
  • Consulting Activities / Power Systems Studies – Substation evaluation; System Design and Equipment Specifications
  • Field Service Activities – Preventative and corrective maintenance on electrical equipment; diagnostic testing (troubleshooting) malfunctioning systems and equipment; electrical equipment installation /startup services; protective relay/meter testing and calibration; transformer inspection, testing, repair and oil reconditioning; revise/create schematic and wiring diagrams
  • Documentation – Prepare project, consulting, and power system study reports; modify/correct customer drawings to customer requirements; write engineering portion of job quotes/proposals; submit written report after each applicable testing or service activity; document all test results and/or finding on appropriate data sheets
  •  SEA Consultants, Inc., Downers Grove, IL   July 1995–April 2001

  • Senior Consultant – coordinate the upgrade of Diesel Generator and SAIS/Undervoltage (ECCS Response Time) 18 month surveillance’s.  Responsible for the major overall of all DG 18 month surveillance procedures. Responsible for evaluating the technical adequacy and compliance with Tech Specs.  Responsible for the setup, execution and evaluation of tests. Qualified Test Director for all tests. Provided consulting to Dresden Nuclear Power Station Management on electrical systems enhancements. Manage the resolution of problematic system issues.  Develop long term strategy for increased reliability and safety of the AC distribution system. Liaison with regulatory agencies.
  • Nuclear Logistics, Inc.    August 1994–May 1995

  • Manager, Electrical Systems – Oversee development of aggressive breaker and switchgear program for the nuclear industry market. Responsible for the development of the safety related breaker/switchgear remanufacture program, develop vacuum and SF, replacements for air circuit breakers and dedication and qualification of breaker and switchgear spare parts.  Responsibilities also included the development of market strategy, and establishment of industry partnerships with breaker manufacturer and switchgear OAM.  Projects include the supply of class 1E 4kV DHP breaker and cell, harsh environmental qualification of Merlin Gerin 4kV breaker, remanufacture of AKR and Magne-Blast breakers and the design, manufacture and testing of safety related, Magne-Blast arcing contacts.
  • Also responsible for the supply of domestic and international Class 1E batteries.  NLI is the exclusive supplier of safety related GNB batteries. Responsible for the manufacture and supply of over $2 million in batteries and battery racks in 1995. Supervise technical personnel in the testing, dedication and inspection of batteries and ancillary components.
  • SEA Consultants, Inc., San Jose, CA    August 1992-August 1994

  • Engineering Project Manager – responsible for the development of engineering services with SEA’s west coast clients. Staff, direct and manage projects assigned to California office. Successful completion of projects from PG&E, BART, Agent Systems, ComEd, Golden Gate Switchboard and Circuit Breaker Systems. Provided consulting services, technical and quality assurance direction to various clients.
  • SEA Consultants, Inc., Downers Grove, IL   September 1988-July 1992

  • Provide staff augmentation to the Nuclear Engineering Department of ComEd. As Cognizant Engineer, was responsible for the DC upgrade project at the LaSalle County Station.  Eight safety related batteries were replaced along with other DC system enhancements. Project budget in excess of $6 million.
  • The DC Upgrade Project has been recognized by ComEd and the NRC as being performed with a high level of quality and technical excellence.  The success of this project is attributed to my building and maintaining of a strong team consisting of BWR Engineering, Operating Staff and other station departments. The budget as well as all major schedules were maintained.
  • Responsibilities – determined the scope of the project and demonstrated cost benefits and obtained budget approval.  Approval of functional and detailed design of the modification.  Establishing technical direction/objectives and directing the engineering resources to meet those objectives.  Meet with regulatory agencies (NRC and Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety) and station management to demonstrate compliance of commitments associated with the DC and AC systems at LaSalle. Principal contact for DC issues during the Electrical Distribution System Functional Inspection (EDSFI).
  • Supported technical staff at Zion Nuclear Station in the procurement section.
  • Responsibilities – determining classification (safety and non safety related) of replacement equipment and parts.  Performing failure mode and effects analysis on these parts. Determining procurement requirements of replacement parts.
  • Impell Corporation, Lincolnshire, IL   August 1986-September 1988

  • Provided staff augmentation support to the BWR Engineering Department of ComEd.  Supported the design of Control Room Human Factors and DC upgrade modifications to the Dresden and Quad Cities Nuclear facilities. Review of design documents, processing of documentation associated with procurement of equipment.
  • Provided onsite technical support to the Train C equipment and conduit qualification project at Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station, Glen Rose, TX. Identified safety-related equipment and systems throughout the plant using the FSAR, Technical Specifications, electrical and P&ID drawings. Determined and documented system interactions in the form of a calculation.


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