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Ruediger Froehlich


May, 1974: Bachelor of Science – Electrical Engineering

     University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee



  • Power Technical Services, Inc.  October 2004 – Present
    • Senior Test Engineer
  • Commonwealth Edison Co. - Testing Department  1974 – 2004
    • Sr. Test Engineer (1998)
  • U.S. Army 1966 – 1969
    • Special Electronic Device Repair
    • Vietnam Veteran


  • Senior Test Engineer
    • Responsible for the safe livening of complete Electrical Transmission and Distribution Substations
    • Scheduling Outages
    • Coordination/Supervising Test Engineers and Electricians.
  • Voltage Levels 
    • 345KV / 138KV / 69KV / 34KV /12KV / 4KV / 480V / 240V /120V
  • Equipment Tested
    • Solid-state /Microprocessor and electromechanical relays, switchgear control systems, circuit breakers and disconnect switches, UPS, batteries, instrument transformers, power transformers, capacitors, metering, and SCADA installations.
  • Additional Experience
    • Through fault testing of substation equipment
    • Coordination testing via satellite time base
    • Instructed several Commonwealth Edison internal company courses about the installation and testing of control circuits, circuit breakers, and power transformers.
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