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Sample DataSheets

This area contains sample datasheets to illustrate the level of testing and documentation performed on various types of relays.


The “Blank” forms show and empty datasheet with all tests that might be documented, depending on settings.

The “Tested” forms show actual test results; so, depending on settings, some tests are not applicable.

          Click the datasheet icon for the sample PTS datasheet (.pdf format)

GE UR-F60 (Blank)

GE UR-F60 (Sample Test)

GE UR-G60 (Blank)

GE UR-G60 (Sample Test)

GE UR-L90 (Blank)

 SEL-311L (Blank)

 SEL-321 (Blank)

 SEL-387 (Blank)

Out-Of-Step (Sample Plot)

Mho+Quad (Sample Plot)

This page is still under construction!

Please be patient as more sample datasheets are posted.

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