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Power Technical Services, Inc.

The Company

Power Technical Services (PTS) was formed in the Spring of 2001 to fulfill a need in the power industry for competent utility and industrial technical services. PTS has developed a core staff of highly competent professionals, with strong engineering and project management skills.

 PTS is a highly motivated company focused on:

Testing and Commissioning

  • Startup Testing (Commissioning):
    • Substation Turn-Key Projects:  Comprehensive testing of all equipment within the facility
    • Generators, generator auxiliary systems, and motors
    • Circuit Breakers, Circuit Switchers, and Motor Operated Disconnect Switches
    • Power Transformers:  Industrial, Utility, and Generation Station installations
    • Switchgear, Unit Substations, and Capacitor Banks
    • Relay communication systems: fiber, audio-tone, microwave, and power-line carrier
    • Relays:  microprocessor-based, solid-state, and electro-mechanical
    • SCADA/RTU technologies: Valmet, GE, Harris, SEL & PLC solutions, etc.
    • DC systems:  batteries, chargers, and inverters
    • Auxiliary systems such as ATOs, HVAC, VFDs, & control systems
  • Maintenance, Routine, and Verification Testing
    • Infrared scanning
    • Relay routines
    • Breaker overhauls/maintenance
  • Diagnostic Testing

Engineering  and Consulting

  • System Design and Review
  • Specification Development
  • Power System Studies, Relay Settings, Power Quality Investigations, & Load Measurement Surveys
    • Power Studies: load flow, coordination, short-circuit, and device evaluation
    • Relay Settings:  determine protective device settings
    • Power Quality Investigations: diagnose undesired harmonics and transients
    • Load Measurement Surveys:  monitor/confirm load conditions, power quality monitor, etc.
  • Engineering Design and Drafting Services
  • Equipment Integration

Project Management

  • Establish, maintain, and achieve budget and schedule goals
  • Analyze and project work flow. Identify critical path activities
  • Supervise all aspects of a project


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